“I’m Losing It!” Challenge

I'm losing it challengeYou know you’re overweight when your Wii Fit Balance Board grunts as you step on it to weigh yourself. Seriously Wii Man?!  I guess that means its time for me to step it up and get with it. I love food. Too much. I blame Pinterest and all of its awesome recipe’s I keep finding. Lucky for me I also love Zumba and I’m so excited because I got the new Wii Zumba Core for Christmas! So now I’m going to challenge myself.


Starting today (yes, I work out at night because I’m a night owl instead of an early bird) I am going to do Zumba daily with the exceptions of Sundays (it’s the day of rest sillies). My goal is to lose a total of 55 lbs, but I’m not going to set an end date for that. I’m just going to set smaller weekly goals. Throughout the course of my challenge I will post photos to hold myself accountable. I’ll also update you on my goals and accomplishments.

The thing about working out though is that its a lot more fun to do it with a friend. Workout buddies help keep you in check and help keep you motivated. This is where you fine people come in!


Join me in the “I’m losing it” weight loss challenge! This challenge can be whatever you make of it. Just set a goal for yourself, and get to work!  I have started a facebook group you can join where we can talk about our goals, share before/after pictures, and talk about different workouts and diet plans that seem to work for us.

Do you have a blog? If so, please share with your readers if you plan to join the challenge and encourage them to join as well! Feel free to use this banner in your posts. Also make sure you categorize your weight loss posts under the “I’m Losing It! Challenge”.

My goal for week 1: Lose 5 lbs.

Okay, time to quit rambling and time to start losing it! Ready… Set…. GO!

Luv You Buh Bye!


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