It’s a new year – and I’m hoping it’s going to be much better than the last. Not that the last year was terrible, in fact, it was definitely one of the better years I’ve had in a while. I just hope that 2013 knocks me off my socks in a good way – that’s all.I thought about doing a 2012 recap but that will take too long. If you follow my family blog, you can just read it there whenever I feel like posting it [maybe never?]. Instead I’ll just show you how I welcomed 2013. Enjoy!

Enjoyed a PJ day with Bear.


Played games with Daddy Vader, Diz, and Moe.Image

Tried to unwrap a present wearing oven mitts [Excuse the appearance. Remember it was a PJ day with Bear.]Image

(Daddy Vader won.)Image

Made Slurpees with Moe, Daddy Vader, and Diz.Image

ImageImagePlus other super fun stuff like play twister and watch the ball drop. Unfortunately I was slacking on the photo taking during these things [partly because I was either spinning the spinner during twister or forgetting during the ball drop].

I also spent the day doing some things that others may not find so fun – like an hour of zumba, stuck to my diet, and drank 8 glasses of water. [YEAH! I’m so going to lose it!]

So, I didn’t go out with friends and party or throw some big loud celebration. I also really didn’t do the whole New Years resolutions thing either [seriously, why wait for the New Year to change things?]. Others may think I’m lame, but I think I had a perfect New Years Eve and I spent it with the most important people in my world. What could have topped that?

Here’s to 2013. Let’s hope it tops 2012!


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