I’m well on my way to a new me. Even with a disappointing day or two. My goal so far this week has been to do Zumba every day for at least 20 mins, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and stay under my daily calorie allowance. I’d say I’ve done good and I’ve done bad.

Day 1 I did GREAT! First I drank all 8 glasses of water and I think this is the first time I’ve EVER done that. I learned for me its easier to break it up into small amounts – 2 glasses with each main meal, and then 1 glass with each snack. So I had 2 for breakfast, then 1 with my snack. Then I had 2 more with lunch and 1 with my after lunch snack. Then finally I had 2 more between dinner and my Zumba work out. I also stayed on track with my diet and even squeezed in a 20 min low intensity Zumba work out (and let me tell you there was nothing “low intensity” about it.). 

Day 2 started out late because I woke up with a massive migraine however by dinner I had 2 balanced meals and snacks along with a total of 4 glasses of water. Unfortunately though I suffer from depression/anxiety and it was getting the best of me. I was just not in the mood to do a workout and was starting to have cravings for my comfort food. I was also SO tired. For dinner daddy Vader decided to get those Wal-Mart subs for dinner and chips. The sub did not have any nutritional info on it so I wasn’t able to count the calories. I also went WAY overboard on the chips. Because they are addicting. And I was weak. It was then that I stopped counting the calories and decided to just make myself happy. I did no work out, I took a 3 hour nap from 7 to 10pm [mind you I slept in til 1pm that afternoon] and then made a big fat milk shake for me and my husband. I stayed up til 5am that night. Can we all say EPIC FAILURE? Yeah. It was.

Today – Day 3 – has been MUCH better! I still slept in late [I didn’t go to bed til 5. What did you expect?], but when I woke up the first thing I did was hit the Wii! I did a quick weigh in while I was on an empty stomach, and then did a 20 min Zumba workout. Once again I was DYING. But it felt GREAT! I don’t feel like I’ll need that afternoon nap tonight – so another improvement from today. I’ve also stuck to my diet all day. The day is not over yet so we’ll see if dinner becomes my weakness again or not.

I am however happy to report that when I stepped on the scale today to weigh myself the numbers told me I have lost, even if the “Wii Man” grunted a little.


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