It’s a good thing I don’t drink: Homeschooling Edition

can I get another water“It’s a good thing I don’t drink” is one of those phrases I tend to say a lot. I usually say this when I’m dealing with something or someone that’s making me want to lose my schmidt  You know, the type of things that would make someone who does drink become full-on alcoholic. If you know me personally – then you know there are a lot of things in the world that would drive me to a dangerous level of alcoholism. 

Back story: I haven’t made a post yet about homeschooling, so welcome to my first. We started this year with Moe since she’s officially in Kindergarten but since Diz is up to speed on a lot of things too we include her as much as possible. I have very intelligent children, but sometimes we struggle with things. At first, I convinced myself that I was destroying my kids because they were “behind” when compared to other kids on certain topics. But then I realized just how wrong I really was. Sometimes I’m floored that kids are expected to learn how to read in Kindergarten. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, I’m glad that some kids have the ability to learn this at such a young age, but I don’t think its fair to expect all kids to do this. When I was in kindergarten I was learning how to write my letters and what they sounded like. I was learning counting and other basic things. I didn’t learn how to do basic addition, subtraction, reading, or perfecting my handwriting until the 1st grade. I didn’t learn how to read a clock or count money until the 2nd or 3rd grade [I know I’m not the only one here]. And I went to a GOOD elementary school! It just seems to me that so much is expected out of kids at an earlier age every year. Its kind of ridiculous. If they are ready then that’s one thing, but to expect it from every kid is unfair. So when I finally came to this realization I decided I wasn’t scared that my kids were behind. My kids are doing just fine.

So where am I going with this? Moe is going to be 6 years old, and we are just finally scratching the surface of learning how to read. She still struggles with some of her letter sounds but we have finally gotten her to grasp most of them. She also just finished learning how to write her lowercase letters. I’m not sure why but she struggled so much with the sounds and writing in lowercase. Uppercase – no problem! Numbers – no problem! She can also remember random facts about animals and other things that I still don’t know in my 27 years. Every child learns at their own pace and the more we try to force things on them before they are really ready, the more we are setting them up to feel like they are failures. If we expect something from them before they’re ready – its going to cause them to fall further behind instead of help them and it’s really going to hurt their self esteem. This is just my opinion.

Okay I’m way off topic here. So let me get back on track. Tonight’s phonics and reading lesson and why its a good thing I don’t drink…

I have a simple dollar tree workbook that I have been using with Moe the past few nights. [She loves doing workbooks so we blow through them like crazy. God bless the Dollar Tree for saving my wallet on these costs! ]Anyway – tonight she had to look at a picture, and fill in the missing letter. This is how it went:

[picture: log]

Me: Okay Moe, what is this a picture of?
Moe: A log!
Me: Right. Okay, lets sound out the letters that make up the word log. What is the first sound you hear?
Moe: “llllllll”
Me: Correct! Okay, now, what do you hear after “lll” in “lllloooooooooooooooooooogggg”?
Moe: [sits for what feels like 10 mins] is the letter “J”?
Me: What does the letter “J” sound like?
Moe: “juh”
Me: Right. Do you hear the sound “juh” in “log”?
Moe: No.
Me: Well, It can’t be that then can it? Try again. Listen to me as I sound out the word. You tell me what you hear after I make the “ll” sound. “loooooooooooooooooooooooooog”.
Moe: OH! I know what it is!!! It’s an “i”!!!
Me: No. What sound does the letter I make?
Moe: “ih”
Me: Right. So if it was an “i”, the word would sound like “lig”. So let’s try again. You try to sound out the word and tell me what sounds you hear.
Moe: [sounding the word “log” still] “lllllleeeeerrrrrrrgguuuuhhhhhh”
Me: ……. … what??? Where did you get the “er” sound??
Moe: [sits for what seems like another 10 mins] hmm… well it can’t be “O”…
Me: Why not?
Moe: Because O makes an “Oh” sound…
Me: That’s very true! But, remember, it also makes another sound. Can you remember what it is?
Moe: Oh yeah! it also makes an “ah” sound!
Me: YES! So…
Moe: WAIT! I know what the missing letter is!! It’s the letter J!!!
Me: [slams head on desk].

Repeat above conversation as we work on the words “frog”, “dog”, “mop”, and “top”. Notice the trend here?

Not to mention as she’s making these sounds she’s flopping around on the couch so her book kept falling off of her lap table and she couldn’t make the sounds right because she was chewing on her fingers.

Like I said, it’s a good thing I don’t drink.


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