My Favorite Things – Bedtime Reads

favorite things

For someone who loves to sleep – a lot – I have the hardest time actually falling asleep. I can be so tired but will lay in bed for literally hours before finally dozing off. This made me almost crazy during my pregnancy with Bear, because you know pregnancy induced insomnia isn’t already bad enough as it is.

I finally started attempting to read my scriptures, but the guilt I felt for falling asleep while reading something so important became too much. I tried reading books, but I’m not cool or rich enough [yet] to own a nook or any of those other cool digital book things. Instead, I had to do it the old way and use a real book – you know, the kind with actual pages that you can’t read unless you have enough light to see the words [I know right? Who actually does that anymore?! Just kidding… I think…]. The book light drove Daddy Vader insane since it lit up the entire room so that it looked like it was the middle of the day and my arms hurt from holding the book up after about 10 minutes. I know, I’m such a baby!

Eventually I realized I could just use my itouch and surf the internet or play games in bed without killing my arms or my husbands sanity [queue singing angels for the “ah ha” moment that took too long to reach me]. Guys – now that I have realized this, I literally cannot sleep without my iPod! I keep it under my pillow when I’m not using it [which is only when I’m in bed these days]. Sometimes Bear will find it and haul off with it during the day without my realizing it and then at 2am when I go to dig it out from under my pillow and it’s not there I go into a find-my-ipod-now-or-i’ll-cut-you frenzy until Its in my hands again. If its dead – I will stay awake long enough for it to charge just enough to get me through an hour of reading.

Hello, my name is Jeanetta, and I am addicted to my iPod.

I cant read just anything though – I now have a list of things I have to check, and they are always done in a specific order. And I will not allow myself to drift off until I’ve checked off my list for that night or else I feel like I’m missing out or something. So without further adieu…

Things I Have to Read or I Can’t Fall Asleep [in this order]

1.) It Just Get’s Stranger [Blog]

If you follow this blog then you know exactly

why I have to check this daily, and why it is the first thing on my list. I really shouldn’t read it before bed because I usually end up laughing hysterically which ultimately results in waking Daddy Vader up to tell him why I’m laughing so hard since I’m apparently shaking the entire bed.  [Sorry hubbs!] Then, I’m no longer tired which defeats the purpose of reading before bed. But I can’t help but look forward to crawling into bed, and checking to see if there’s a new post for the day.

I originally found this blog when I lived in Utah and saw a news story about a local blogger whose Snuggie Texts went viral. I have visited this blog religiously since.

Before you start religiously reading this one, I highly recommend starting with the about page, then head over to the FAQ’s. Then, start reading the posts from the beginning because they are definitely worth your time!

2.) Eli’s Mom Blog 

If you read blog number ones infamous “Snuggie Texts” post, then you will know where this one comes from. This was made by the same person who blogs at Stranger as a

joke. Readers thought it was so funny [myself included] that the posts kept coming. Unfortunately it’s not updated as often as I’d like [lately its been like once a month] but for a blog that was never intended to be real I understand why. Still – its definitely a must read, but not until you’ve read the Snuggie Texts post first.

3.) Rants from Mommy Land [Blog] – A friend of mine shared a link to this blog on facebook once upon a time and I’ve been hooked since. I absolutely love everything about this blog from its hilarity of parenting and other everyday things to the charity events and other things they do that have literally changed lives [including my own]. If your a mom, you should be following this blog.

4.) TMZ [App]

I hate the celebrity world. I hate how much attention these people get for doing stupid things, or for doing absolutely nothing. It makes me crazy! Unfortunately, I get sucked into the celebrity gossip just like everyone else. It is one of my many guilty pleasures. That being said, it pains me to post this since I feel like I’m going against my personal beliefs here or something, but I cannot get enough TMZ!

On another note, has anyone watched this show on TV? Am I the only one who thinks the voice over dude and the songs he sings to make fun of everyone is hilarious?! Half the time I could care less about the celebrity gossip – I just like watching the people pitching the ideas to Harvey. “I’m a 


5.) Pinterest [App]

Pinterest is like crack. If you have not joined the cult following of Pinterest then DON’T! STAY AWAY! Actually no, come to the dark side. Join us, and share your cookie recipes…

Seriously though, this is always the last thing I check, and by this point I’m always so exhausted, but I always start feeling creative when I’m going through my Pinterest feed. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Usually by morning I’ve forgotten what I pinned the night before which is probably good because if I didn’t I’d have 10 million projects started. The bad thing is that I could probably use those organizational tips to get my life and house organized so I’m not a crazy case most of the time. And I could probably become the next gourmet cupcake chef if I made all of the recipe’s I pinned [again not sure if this is good or bad since I’m losing it [well.. trying…]. Did I mention Pinterest is crack?

And there you have it. Everything I MUST read before I check out for the day and in its respectful order. Do you have any blogs, apps, or other websites you have to visit daily? I’m always looking to expand my list!


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