72 hour bug out bag (part 1)

ImageThis world is a scary place to live in. Like, really scary. Besides all of that “government conspiracy” stuff (don’t be naive – it’s out there), there’s all kinds of natural disasters that threaten to happen at any given time. Think about it – the hurricanes, tsunami’s, tornado’s, earthquakes, etc. Honestly, I’m freaked out about something happening like this and not being prepared. Living in St. Louis, we are pretty much right on the New Madrid Fault and I can see us having a devastating earthquake at any time .. and with no warning! Continue reading


My Favorite Things – Bedtime Reads

favorite things

For someone who loves to sleep – a lot – I have the hardest time actually falling asleep. I can be so tired but will lay in bed for literally hours before finally dozing off. This made me almost crazy during my pregnancy with Bear, because you know pregnancy induced insomnia isn’t already bad enough as it is. Continue reading

It’s a good thing I don’t drink: Homeschooling Edition

can I get another water“It’s a good thing I don’t drink” is one of those phrases I tend to say a lot. I usually say this when I’m dealing with something or someone that’s making me want to lose my schmidt  You know, the type of things that would make someone who does drink become full-on alcoholic. If you know me personally – then you know there are a lot of things in the world that would drive me to a dangerous level of alcoholism.  Continue reading



I’m well on my way to a new me. Even with a disappointing day or two. My goal so far this week has been to do Zumba every day for at least 20 mins, drink 8 glasses of water a day, and stay under my daily calorie allowance. I’d say I’ve done good and I’ve done bad.

Day 1 I did GREAT! First I drank all 8 glasses of water and I think this is the first time I’ve EVER done that. I learned for me its easier to break it up into small amounts – 2 glasses with each main meal, and then 1 glass with each snack. So I had 2 for breakfast, then 1 with my snack. Then I had 2 more with lunch and 1 with my after lunch snack. Then finally I had 2 more between dinner and my Zumba work out. I also stayed on track with my diet and even squeezed in a 20 min low intensity Zumba work out (and let me tell you there was nothing “low intensity” about it.).  Continue reading



It’s a new year – and I’m hoping it’s going to be much better than the last. Not that the last year was terrible, in fact, it was definitely one of the better years I’ve had in a while. I just hope that 2013 knocks me off my socks in a good way – that’s all.I thought about doing a 2012 recap but that will take too long. If you follow my family blog, you can just read it there whenever I feel like posting it [maybe never?]. Instead I’ll just show you how I welcomed 2013. Enjoy!

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“I’m Losing It!” Challenge

I'm losing it challengeYou know you’re overweight when your Wii Fit Balance Board grunts as you step on it to weigh yourself. Seriously Wii Man?!  I guess that means its time for me to step it up and get with it. I love food. Too much. I blame Pinterest and all of its awesome recipe’s I keep finding. Lucky for me I also love Zumba and I’m so excited because I got the new Wii Zumba Core for Christmas! So now I’m going to challenge myself.

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