My Favorite Things – Bedtime Reads

favorite things

For someone who loves to sleep – a lot – I have the hardest time actually¬†falling¬†asleep. I can be so tired but will lay in bed for literally hours before finally dozing off. This made me almost crazy during my pregnancy with Bear, because you know pregnancy induced insomnia isn’t already bad enough as it is. Continue reading




It’s a new year – and I’m hoping it’s going to be much better than the last. Not that the last year was terrible, in fact, it was definitely one of the better years I’ve had in a while. I just hope that 2013 knocks me off my socks in a good way – that’s all.I thought about doing a 2012 recap but that will take too long. If you follow my family blog, you can just read it there whenever I feel like posting it [maybe never?]. Instead I’ll just show you how I welcomed 2013. Enjoy!

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